Meet Maryland's Premier Tribute Band with years of experience!
Briana Marcantoni

BRIANA Marcantoni


EXPERIENCE: Bachelor of Music, cruise ship singer (she literally tells everyone this fact)
INFLUENCES: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry... ha - just kidding! Adele, Counting Crows, Drake, Jason Mraz, Hamilton, Sara Bareilles, Dixie Chicks, Amy Winehouse

MOST PROUD OF: Recently? This band.
DRINKS: Whatever you're buying

Deno Photinakis

DenO photinakis


EXPERIENCE: Playing guitar since age 14, professional clapper/fist-pumper
PAST BANDS: Fallout, Riff Raff, Soul Easy
INFLUENCES: Neal Schon, Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani
MOST PROUD OF: Being Greek
DRINKS: Fireball during; cold Coke after

Ken Leclercq - Lead Vocals / Guitar

Ken Leclercq


EXPERIENCE: Playing guitar since age 10 (taught by a nun #blessed)
INFLUENCES: Eric Clapton, Mark Knoffler, Jimi Hendrix
MOST PROUD OF: Knowing Glen (bass player) since age 4
DRINKS: If his wife is driving

Meyer Schlossenberg - Drums

MEYER schlossenberg


EXPERIENCE: Playing drums since age 10, toured/recorded with a band when they ended their tour in England

MOST PROUD OF: This picture.

INFLUENCES: Stewart Copeland, John Bonham, Chad Smith, Dave Grohl, Steve Smith

DRINKS: Jack Daniels (CHILLED*)


GLEN forsbacka


EXPERIENCE: Playing bass since age 14
INFLUENCES: Drive-By Truckers, Black Berry Smoke, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams
SPARE TIME: Camping & motorcycle riding
DRINKS: Budweiser...and only Budweiser